Comment 9 for bug 1277255

marmuta (marmuta) wrote :

You're welcome. But, uh...

>>Yep, everything seems fine. Those warnings aren't critical and we have no control over them.
>I figured as much. It's all gibberish to me mind, being a perennial 'end user'.

I just realized not quite everything is fine. I was too quickly scanning for a certain error pattern and totally missed this unrelated problem:
2014-02-08 11:34:10,906:ERROR:Onboard.WPEngine: Bad file format, unexpected end of file in '/home/ch2lah/.local/share/onboard/models/user.lm'
2014-02-08 11:34:10,907:ERROR:Onboard.WPEngine: Saving word suggestions disabled to prevent further data loss.

This means that word suggestions won't remember what you typed between Onboard sessions. That's the first time I see this in the wild.
I've opened Bug #1278599 and subscribed you.