Comment 7 for bug 1035578

Hi Jeff,

I'm not on the pc I configured successfully with full screen support,
but have you tried turning off the "Force window to top" option?

If I remember correctly it worked for me in this setting...

Good luck,

On Thu, 2012-08-23 at 05:30 +0000, Jeff Sereno wrote:
> Not sure how it worked for Franz, but testing 0.97.1-0ppa~precise2
> myself in Ubuntu 12.04 (updated through to today) unfortunately yields
> no success in fullscreen applications be it Firefox, Chromium or Google
> Chrome.
> Have tested in a VM, real Intel-graphics-based PC and a real NVidia-
> graphics-based PC. No joy. Everytime I go fullscreen, OnBoard remains
> behind the full-screen display despite "Force window to top" settings.
> Rebooted a few times just to make sure too.
> Tried to use wmctrl to try and force the OnBoard window to the front too
> or force Chromium/Firefox to the back, but with no success.
> Also tried toggling Compiz's "Fullscreen Legacy Support" in the
> Workarounds plugin on and off with no change either.
> There is also no apparent difference with using Unity 2D and Unity 3D
> either.
> At this stage I have had more success with 0.97.0 with being at the
> front on test machines and VM's in Unity 2D mode, but no success on the
> PC I intend to use. :(
> As a side note, I've noticed 12.04's handling of fullscreen applications
> in general seems to have changed from previous versions - you can't even
> use MPlayer full-screen if Firefox or Chromium are already in fullscreen
> mode. Previously, you could.
> Is there a place to get hold of 0.98 to try out?