Comment 16 for bug 1035578

Jeff Sereno (jsereno) wrote :

I've found that when OnBoard doesn't want to stay on top of a full-screen Chrome, I have to start it as normal and then in a remote terminal I issue a deliberate restart of OnBoard as follows:

DISPLAY=:0 /usr/bin/pkill onboard;DISPLAY=:0 /usr/bin/onboard -s 1050x400 -x 0 -y 1280 &

In this case, referring to the first graphical display, it kills OnBoard then restarts it with a width of 1050 pixels by 400 pixels at a physical screen position of no pixels across and 1280 pixels down, and executes it as a background task (ampersand).

Oddly enough I can't just start it this way (via terminal) and expect it to stay on top. It only stays on top after I deliberately kill it and restart it for the first time.