Comment 12 for bug 622718

The priority part is actually for telling the notification how important it
is to notify about the achievement.
but yeah i get your point however in that case i wouldn't put it in
bronze/silver/gold but rather easy/normal/difficult
But yeah i could go with that... But I am missing sets

On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 2:56 PM, tm <email address hidden> wrote:

> just to straighten out on comment #8 - an achievement in g-a is either
> bronze, silver or gold [1]. the rank denotes the asserted difficulty to
> achieve the target or can be used to advertise the trophy as more valuable
> than other.
> as not all achievements are of same difficulty or relevance, a rank makes
> sense. i believe you have the "priority" field for that
> [1] as you can see in the actual use of the format:
> --
> XML application problems
> You received this bug notification because you are a member of OMG!,
> which is subscribed to omg.
> Status in OMG!: New
> Bug description:
> The XML branch of OMG commits to a number of really bad practices:
> * you go with Pascal/Java-style "CamelCase" where XML calls for
> "hyphenated-names" or classic "camelCasing"
> * you use elements for atomic types where best practices call for an
> attribute (ie. "<trophy priority="2">)
> * you've invented your own translation format ignoring the fact that
> intltool comes with out-of-the-box support for XML files
> * you reference and import "xsi" and "xsd" namespaces despite not using
> any of them
> * you provide your own schema for no apparent reason, you never reference
> it
> * title is not translatable
> * the "friendly application name" is redundant as you can get a translated
> version from the referenced desktop file

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