Comment 3 for bug 579713

Perry Smith (pedzsan) wrote :

I keep making discoveries. One from your FAQ above.

If I do one of two things, things are working 99%. I can either set eruby-html-mumamo-mode or I can pick

nXhtml -> Tools -> XHTML Completion and Validation -> Validation Helpers (for php etc) -> Use Fictive XHTML Validation Header in Buffer

This sets nxhtml-validation-header-mode and now my tags validate. (if I do either one of those).

The other thing I discovered is under the XML menu, I can do Set Schema to HTML5. That may or may not be critical but answers one of my nagging questions which was in this partial buffer mode, which schema am I trying to validate against?

WIth this latest update (nxhtml-beta the - signs are gone but you still have the = signs for the <%= xxxx %> lines (at the front of the line). That seems to be ok for the indentation in the examples I have but I bet that is going to bite us sometime.

The error when I go from -%> to %> is still there. That doesn't bother me much.

I'm still working / experimenting but this is looking really good. The fact I can do:

<p style='width: 40em;'>
  Enter a defect, APAR, PTF, Lpp name (e.g. bos.rte) or Fileset
  (e.g. bos.rte -- with the space. The VRMF can be
  incomplete such as 5.3.8)
  <% form_tag swinfos_form_path do %>
      <%= text_field_tag "item" %>
      <%= submit_tag nil, :class => "concat-fields" %>
  <% end %>

And it indents the div and also indents the erb inside the div is what I've been looking for since I wrote php back in 2004.

Any advice about using the fictive header verses using html mode?