Comment 7 for bug 1841411

Submitter: Zuul
Branch: master

commit 12b361f0b44f3d34899982b643482228044d3d86
Author: Lucian Petrut <email address hidden>
Date: Mon Aug 26 10:49:22 2019 +0300

    Avoid error state for recovered instances after failed migrations

    Most users expect that if a live migration fails but the instance
    is fully recovered, it shouldn't enter 'error' state. Setting
    the migration status to 'error' should be enough. This simplifies
    debugging, making it clear that the instance dosn't have to be
    manually recovered.

    This patch changed this behavior, indirectly affecting the Hyper-V
    driver: Idfdce9e7dd8106af01db0358ada15737cb846395

    We'll stop propagating exceptions when managing to recover the
    instance, which matches the reference driver (libvirt) behavior.

    Change-Id: I16c200ebf0a996865ddce5688434e9c9ad69e331
    Closes-Bug: 1841411