Comment 3 for bug 1756823

Silvan Kaiser (2-silvan) wrote :

Thanks for digging further. Although that bug is not what's hitting here afaics I also went back to dig into systemd and found the following:

1) systemd-run --scope --user mount.quobyte ... works fine on the cli without privileges
2) The same does not work when run via the Quobyte Nova driver, I think because of the oslo execution wrapping (will test this further tomorrow)
3) The error produced (Failed to create bus connection: No such file or directory) is easily reproducible by adding a sudo to the systemd-run cli command above.
4) I tested running the driver with explicitly setting run_as_root=True/False but the issue comes up in both variants.

So I'll take a closer look at the process execution tomorrow to find out what's causing the different behavior. Hints/help welcome. :)