Comment 11 for bug 997763

Piotr Siwczak (psiwczak) wrote :


Seems to be quantum-related. I was able to replicate the bug running the latest devstack + quantum (added "q-agt,q-svc,quantum" to ENABLED_SERVICES in stackrc).

Normally when you run without quantum, the function "deallocate_for_instance" (nova/network/ seems to be taking care about cleaning floating ips from instance before termination. And this message is passed to logfile:

LOG.debug(_("floating IP deallocation for instance |%s|")

e.g (using flatdhcpmanager - I can see this in nova-network output):
2012-05-31 01:27:51 DEBUG [req-627cb4c1-39dd-422d-a8ff-370232a76779 3380b86169804c3581d15cb00fe1f1a5 b02947aca9f3410882b8f6121cfc28a5] floating IP deallocation for instance |12| from (pid=9734) deallocate_for_instance /opt/stack/nova/nova/network/

I could not register this message using quantum manager though.

And here's the bug reproduced using up-to-date devstack + quantum. When the instance is deleted, we can no longer display floating ips: