Comment 26 for bug 904072

Jamie Strandboge (jdstrand) wrote :

I took a crack at doing the backport, but need help. I sent this to <email address hidden>:

"nova 2011.3 needs a slightly different patch for the vulnerability.
Specifically, nova/api/openstack/ needs to use 'return
faults.Fault(...)' instead of 'return Fault(...)'. I've attached this.

The testsuite proved more problematic for me. I was able to get it down
to 7 failures (one in and 6 in Attached
is a preliminary patch for 2011.3 that I created. It would be great if
someone upstream could verify what I've done (especially the changes to and and fix the remaining testsuite

I also privately corresponded with Mark McLoughlin, so he may or may not be looking into. Attaching the preliminary patches here for completeness.