Comment 32 for bug 832507

Joshua Harlow (harlowja) wrote :

Just to brainstorm:

Are any of the following possible??

1. Correctly have libvirtd configure and manage the console log file size. Some new XML configuration for the domain.xml format could be provided to alter the behavior? How much of the libvirt code would have to change for this?
2. If #1 isn't possible, then I presume we could use libvirt's 'named pipe' console capability and attach our own daemon to do the same as #1 (where we would use said daemon to read on said pipe and restrict the output files size). Of course how does this handle restarts or daemon failures. Basically this daemon would be the ring buffer 'maintainer' while libvirt would just feed it info.
3. Use a pseudo-tty to do something similar to #2?

@Michael, be interested to hear what u think. Personally I think the libvirtd project is where this belongs (via #1) since it already has a daemon (libvirtd) and knowledge about which instances are active, console config, and such. I assume this hasn't been fixed in libvirt (or as a feature request). I'm not an expert on that code-base but if I had pointers perhaps that is the correct way to go about this (or its a dual-approach).