Comment 3 for bug 1825882

Submitter: Zuul
Branch: master

commit bc57ae50734fa6a70115b6369e867079fb5eb4b8
Author: Lee Yarwood <email address hidden>
Date: Thu Apr 25 14:42:09 2019 +0100

    libvirt: Stop ignoring unknown libvirtError exceptions during volume attach

    Id346bce6e47431988cce7001abcf29a9faf2936a attempted to introduce a
    simple breadcrumb in the logs to highlight a known Libvirt issue.
    Unfortunately this change resulted in libvirtError exceptions that
    didn't match the known issue being silently ignored.

    This change corrects this by using excutils.save_and_reraise_exception
    to ensure all libvirtError exceptions are logged and raised regardless
    of being linked to the known issue.

    Change-Id: Ib440f4f2e484312af5f393722363846f6c95b760
    Closes-Bug: #1825882