Comment 33 for bug 1821594

Submitter: Zuul
Branch: stable/queens

commit 944b24f462f8785a5c039efb74eec5310ef7729e
Author: Rodrigo Barbieri <email address hidden>
Date: Wed May 8 16:01:25 2019 -0300

    Add functional confirm_migration_error test

    This test checks if allocations have been
    successfully cleaned up upon the driver failing
    during "confirm_migration".

    NOTE(mriedem): The _wait_until_deleted helper method
    is modified here to include the changes from patch
    I4ced19bd9259f0b5a50b89dd5908abe35ca73894 in Rocky
    otherwise the test fails.

    Change-Id: I9d6478f492351b58aa87b8f56e907ee633d6d1c6
    Related-bug: #1821594
    (cherry picked from commit 873ac499c50125adc2fb49728d936922f9acf4a9)
    (cherry picked from commit d7d7f115430c7ffeb88ec9dcd155ac69b29d7513)
    (cherry picked from commit 01bfb7863c80c43538632952ec9f1728f0b412d6)