Comment 51 for bug 1813147

Submitter: Zuul
Branch: stable/stein

commit d6b5e81df55394a87ec7c3e2fb75618506fffaa6
Author: Matt Riedemann <email address hidden>
Date: Fri Sep 13 14:18:25 2019 -0400

    libvirt: stub logging of host capabilities

    By default we capture the logging output stream at INFO level
    for unit/functional tests and anything that hits the libvirt
    Host.get_capabilities method logs the giant xml host capabilities
    string that is defined in the fakelibvirt module. This can cause
    subunit parsing to fail because there is too much output in the

    This change simply stubs out that particular logging call in the
    FakeLibvirtFixture class which is used extensively in the more
    detailed libvirt tests like LibvirtConnTestCase. If this turns out
    to not be good enough we can try stubbing at a more global level
    like in the base nova TestCase.


    NOTE(mriedem): The conflict is due to not having change
    I06e1f7429c056c4ce8506b10359762e457dbb2a0 in Stein.

    Change-Id: I38b350bce908005161ed7c3eb737f32076828a37
    Related-Bug: #1813147
    (cherry picked from commit 2973faa07063d2112ef7459ab07cc07e20d74610)