Comment 3 for bug 1808951

Submitter: Zuul
Branch: master

commit 3c5e2b0e9fac985294a949852bb8c83d4ed77e04
Author: Matthew Booth <email address hidden>
Date: Wed Jan 30 15:10:25 2019 +0000

    Eventlet monkey patching should be as early as possible

    We were seeing infinite recursion opening an ssl socket when running
    various combinations of python3, eventlet, and urllib3. It is not
    clear exactly what combination of versions are affected, but for
    background there is an example of this issue documented here:

    The immediate cause in nova's case was that we were calling
    eventlet.monkey_patch() after importing urllib3. Specifically, change
    Ie7bf5d012e2ccbcd63c262ddaf739782afcdaf56 introduced the
    nova.utils.monkey_patch() method to make monkey patching common
    between WSGI and non-WSGI services. Unfortunately, before executing
    this method you must first import nova.utils, which imports a large
    number of modules itself. Anything imported (transitively) by
    nova.utils would therefore be imported before monkey patching, which
    included urllib3. This triggers the infinite recursion problem
    described above if you have an affected combination of library

    While this specific issue may eventually be worked around or fixed in
    eventlet or urllib3, it remains true that eventlet best practises are
    to monkey patch as early as possible, which we were not doing. To
    avoid this and hopefully future similar issues, this change ensures
    that monkey patching happens as early as possible, and only a minimum
    number of modules are imported first.

    This change fixes monkey patching for both non-wsgi and wsgi callers:

    * Non-WSGI services (nova/cmd)

      This is fixed by using the new monkey_patch module, which has minimal

    * WSGI services (nova/api/openstack)

      This is fixed both by using the new monkey_patch module, and by moving
      the patching point up one level so that it is done before importing
      anything in nova/api/openstack/

      This move causes issues for some external tools which load this path
      from nova and now monkey patch where they previously did not. However,
      it is unfortunately unavoidable to enable monkey patching for the wsgi
      entry point without major restructuring. This change includes a
      workaround for sphinx to avoid this issue.

    This change has been through several iterations. I started with what
    seemed like the simplest and most obvious change, and moved on as I
    discovered more interactions which broke. It is clear that eventlet
    monkey patching is extremely fragile, especially when done implicitly at
    module load time as we do. I would advocate a code restructure to
    improve this situation, but I think the time would be better spent
    removing the eventlet dependency entirely.

    Co-authored-by: Lee Yarwood <email address hidden>

    Closes-Bug: #1808975
    Closes-Bug: #1808951
    Change-Id: Id46e76666b553a10ec4654d4418a9884975b5b95