Comment 10 for bug 1794827

Submitter: Zuul
Branch: stable/pike

commit cf73bff104b6557e74c7eb0c4d210c0b6ab4b199
Author: Matt Riedemann <email address hidden>
Date: Wed Oct 3 10:27:22 2018 -0400

    doc: fix and clarify --block-device usage in user docs

    The docs on create a volume-backed server from the command
    line were wrong in a few ways:

    * The openstack server create command does not currently allow
      booting from a volume where a source image is provided and
      nova creates the volume from the image and uses that volume
      as the root disk. The nova boot command supports that, so the
      docs are updated to call out the nova boot command since that
      is the appropriate command in this case (even the syntax with
      the openstack server create --block-device was wrong).

    * When creating a server from a bootable volume with the OSC CLI,
      either the --volume or --block-device options should be used
      for a single volume, but not both. The docs were using both, so
      the latter is dropped and a note is added which links to the CLI
      documentation for more details on --block-device option usage.


    NOTE(amodi): The conflict is due to not having
    Ifa2e2bbb4c5f51f13d1a5832bd7dbf9f690fcad7 in Pike

    Change-Id: I985b870759d6c21ef9357b04f39099c02354f135
    Closes-Bug: #1794827
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