Comment 8 for bug 1781286

Matt Riedemann (mriedem) wrote :

I had to re-learn why this part of comment 2 isn't a problem:

The only thing I can figure is maybe you have the max_attempts config option value set to 1 or you're forcing the host/node during the server create?

In that case we don't set the retry entry in filter_properties.

That's because if CONF.scheduler.max_attempts=1 or force_hosts/nodes, we don't set the 'retry' entry in the filter_properties dict passed between conductor and compute:

And then if we hit a build failure in compute, we don't cast back to the cell conductor to reschedule, we just fail:

So if we get here in conductor during a reschedule:

The 'retry' key is going to be set and num_attempts won't be 1.