Comment 6 for bug 1779717

Matt Riedemann (mriedem) wrote :

This directly impacts me here:

That's the nova-manage placement heal_allocations change to migrate allocations created with the sentinel values from config to use the real values from the instance, which we're going to need to fix if we ever plan on using allocations for quota in nova.

I agree that you should only be able to change the project/user if it's None (not set previously but with ensure_consumer I'm not sure this can happen now - especially since reading allocations out of the DB sets the consumer if it doesn't exist using the config values), or if it's the sentinel config values (hopefully operators don't change those once set....) - otherwise you're allowing transferring ownership of the resource and that's not something we've allowed on other resources in openstack, like transferring instance X in project A from project B, even though people have asked for that in the past.