Comment 4 for bug 1779717

Chris Dent (cdent) wrote :

Presumably we only want to change the project and user id on a consumer record if it is either empty or has the sentinel values from CONF?

Otherwise, we have something a bit strange: At time X (and before Y) an allocation with consumer uuid has project and user foo, and at time Y (and every moment thereafter), then the uuid is reused for some reason, has project and user bar. Is that legit?

In the context of instance uuids being the consumer uuid, this isn't something that is likely to happen. And _most_ of the time consumer uuids won't be re-used. But there's nothing in our original specification of /allocations/{uuid} that they won't be or can't be. And we've intended placement to be flexible about who its clients are.

Or are we going to say that a once a consumer uuid exists, it can only ever be available to the (real) project and user ids that first created it?

Do these concerns go away if we say that consumer objects are somewhat ephemeral and are deleted after the last allocation associated with it goes away?