Comment 5 for bug 1734025

Submitter: Zuul
Branch: stable/pike

commit 4d7148709c5de098141fbee12ad2e78c61e3b174
Author: lixipeng <email address hidden>
Date: Wed Nov 22 12:03:58 2017 +0800

    Fix bug case by none token context

    When set reclaim_instance_interval > 0, and then delete an
    instance which booted from volume with `delete_on_termination`
    set as true. After reclaim_instance_interval time pass,
    all volumes boot instance will with state: attached and in-use,
    but attached instances was deleted.

    This bug case as admin context from
    `nova.compute.manager._reclaim_queued_deletes` did not have
    any token info, then call cinder api would be failed.

    So add user/project CONF with admin role at cinder group,
    and when determine context is_admin and without token, do
    authenticaion with user/project info to call cinder api.


    NOTE(huanhongda): The conflict is due to not having change
    Ifc01dbf98545104c998ab96f65ff8623a6db0f28 in Pike.

    Change-Id: I3c35bba43fee81baebe8261f546c1424ce3a3383
    Closes-Bug: #1733736
    Closes-Bug: #1734025
    Partial-Bug: #1736773
    (cherry picked from commit ca6daf148debb9c9646fcf6db9660c830da5a594)