Comment 34 for bug 1658070

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: stable/newton

commit 0f2d87416eff1e96c0fbf0f4b08bf6b6b22246d5
Author: Guang Yee <email address hidden>
Date: Thu May 18 16:38:16 2017 -0700

    make sure to rebuild claim on recreate

    On recreate where the instance is being evacuated to a different node,
    we should be rebuilding the claim so the migration context is available
    when rebuilding the instance.


    NOTE(mriedem): There are a few issues here:

    1. I5aaa869f2e6155964827e659d18e2bcaad9d866b changed the
       method to not pass a context in Ocata.
    2. I57233259065d887b38a79850a05177fcbbdfb8c3 changed some tests in
       test_compute_manager in Ocata, but is irrelevant here.
    3. The bigger change isn't a merge conflict but in Ocata the compute
       manager code was all refactored so that the _get_resource_tracker
       method no longer needed a nodename passed to it. In Newton, however,
       if we're force evacuating (scenario 3) then we don't have a scheduled_node
       passed to the rebuild_instance method and in this case we need to
       lookup the nodename for the host we're currently on. To resolve this,
       some existing code that handles this case is moved up where it is
       needed to get the resource tracker so we can get the rebuild_claim method.
       We let any ComputeHostNotFound exception raise up in this case rather than
       log it because without the compute node we can't make the rebuild claim and
       we need to fail. Tests are adjusted accordingly for this.

    Change-Id: I53bdcf8edf640e97b4632ef7a093f14a6e3845e4
    Closes-Bug: 1658070
    (cherry picked from commit a2b0824aca5cb4a2ae579f625327c51ed0414d35)
    (cherry picked from commit ea90c60b07534a46541c55432389f2d50b5b7d0a)