Comment 3 for bug 1617429

Matt Riedemann (mriedem) wrote :

(10:04:56 AM) adrianc_: mriedem: regarding, can be abandoned IMO.
(10:05:25 AM) mriedem: adrianc_: i'm assuming you mean the nova change right?
(10:05:28 AM) mriedem:
(10:06:05 AM) adrianc_: yea
(10:06:29 AM) mriedem: adrianc_: ok any particular reason why? is it no longer valid?
(10:06:40 AM) mriedem: b/c the bug is still open
(10:08:05 AM) adrianc_: mriedem: well, i would expect SR-IOV to be used and not a direct physical port.
(10:09:33 AM) adrianc_: mriedem: i.e direct port and not direct-physical. while the bug is still valid, im not too sure its really stepping on too many toes. (at least not form mellanox side :) )