Comment 10 for bug 1447084

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit 6be11856c6ac1cbd611cea894a0e26165ee5c5a5
Author: Divya <email address hidden>
Date: Thu Apr 23 09:38:52 2015 +0200

    view hypervisor details rest api should be allowed for non-admins

    The current call to show hypervisor is broken and expects the
    user to have admin privileges always.It does not allow non-
    admin users to view hypervisor details. This should be
    controlled based on the rule defined in the policy.json rather
    than have the permissions mandated programmatically. This bug
    is caused due to regression and was working earlier.So the
    changes proposed here is merely retaining the older behavior.
    To ensure that this works as before, the context passed to the
    db api layer is elevated so that it passes the requires_admin_
    context check that is present in the db layer.

    Change-Id: I50437788aac72608998cf9c24d4d562b1ff20301
    Closes-Bug: 1447084