Comment 8 for bug 1274523

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit 1b83b2f11054ddd3f72fe75c5cef496060afcb3a
Author: Andrey Kurilin <email address hidden>
Date: Sat Jun 21 13:56:42 2014 +0300

    Move to oslo.db

    Replace common oslo code nova.openstack.common.db by usage
    of oslo.db library and remove common code.

    Replaced catching of raw sqlalchemy exceptions by catches
    of oslo.db exceptions(such as DBError, DBDuplicateEntry, etc).

    Co-Authored-By: Eugeniya Kudryashova <email address hidden>

    Closes-Bug: #1364986
    Closes-Bug: #1353131
    Closes-Bug: #1283987
    Closes-Bug: #1274523
    Change-Id: I0649539e071b2318ec85ed5d70259c949408e64b