Comment 4 for bug 1241337

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: stable/havana

commit b56453526f52b6f962e8a3a324050349e87a3f65
Author: Jay Lau <email address hidden>
Date: Thu Nov 14 22:12:27 2013 +0800

    Add context as parameter for resume

    Now for KVM when resume an instance with block storage, nova
    compute will throw exception and failed to resume the VM.

    The root cause is that when resume a VM with block storage,
    libvirt driver needs to call conductor via rpcapi to update
    block device, but the function of resume() do not have context,
    this will cause RPC api failed.

    Change-Id: I712777ed1d893a2b6463d30c407b0a677e37b602
    Closes-Bug: #1241337
    (cherry picked from commit de4158861000dedc204314c545cc5682aa38f5f1)