Comment 5 for bug 1223396

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit 1e2c92f3f20b2742887edde11aaf2a062566c16f
Author: Johannes Erdfelt <email address hidden>
Date: Tue Mar 18 09:16:29 2014 -0700

    xenapi: Attach original local disks during rescue

    When rescuing an instance, a new VM is created and only the original
    root disk is re-attached. Often when a user is rescuing a VM, they expect
    to be able to access all of their original disks so they can potentially
    salvage data.

    This changes the xenapi driver to attach the original local disks
    during rescue so the user can rescue all of their data.


    Implements: blueprint rescue-attach-all-disks
    Change-Id: Iba5cc85cd03d0a60f1858cf16aa31397e163df50
    Partial-bug: 1223396