Comment 39 for bug 1202266

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: stable/grizzly

commit df2ea2e3acdede21b40d47b7adbeac04213d031b
Author: John Garbutt <email address hidden>
Date: Thu Sep 12 18:11:49 2013 +0100

    xenapi: enforce filters after live-migration

    Currently and network filters, including security groups, are
    lost after a server has been live-migrated.

    This partially fixes the issue by ensuring that security groups are
    re-applied to the VM once it reached the destination, and been started.

    This leaves a small amount of time during the live-migrate where the VM
    is not protected. There is a further bug raised to close the rest of
    this whole, but this helps keep the VM protected for the majority of the

    Fixes bug 1202266

    (Cherry picked from commit: 5cced7a6dd32d231c606e25dbf762d199bf9cca7)

    Change-Id: I66bc7af1c6da74e18dce47180af0cb6020ba2c1a