Comment 88 for bug 1111884

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> (In reply to comment #46)
> > I tried to fix this a few months ago but failed. If someone with the right
> > skills and time want to have a look at this problem, I'd be happy to give
> > away a laptop with this chipset. Shipment cost on me. I can prepare a linux
> > installation with sources of the kernel at the regression point. Contact me
> > if you are up to the task.
> Don't do that.
> Read here:
> If you can follow those Ubuntu-specific instructions, that will narrow down
> the problem.
> If you can't follow those instructions, have you filed a Launchpad bug? If
> so, please post the link or bug # (double-check that it's a public bug or
> say it's private).

The problem is already bisected. The commit that introduces the regression switches nv50 to use nvc0's disp implementation. The commit is basically deleting all the nv50 code and changing a few function pointers to use the nvc0 implementation. I tried pin pointing what the problem was (see comment 34) but I was not able to fix the problem.