Comment 70 for bug 1111884

(In reply to comment #38)
> Do you have any reason to believe that you have the same problem? This one
> was bisected to commit 4f6029da58ba9204c98e33f4f3737fe085c87a6f which
> appeared in v3.8 (which means that 3.7.x should all be fine).

Not necessarily, although initially the bug symptoms were rather similar, and it's a similar family of hardware. I'm only now checking the bisection myself, and it seems that that particular commit is not my only problem.

> Of course you have the additional problem of having a nva8 (this bug has
> nv98 hw users, although that doesn't exclude you from having the same issue
> -- the bisected commit was fairly generic), which is still unstable for some
> users, but was even more unstable in earlier kernels.

Well, that could complicate my ability to fix things here. I suspect that this particular regression is one of several issues on my hardware, then.

> As for not seeing a
> PAGE_NOT_PRESENT -- are you sure that the kernels in question had code to
> emit the error in the first place?

The code seems to be present. For instance, I'm trying 3.6, where I see nv50_fb_vm_trap() (drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/nv50_fb.c) has the same "VM: trapped write at 0x...." log message. So I presume that if I was still experiencing the fault in 3.6, it would appear in the log.

BTW, I noticed Ben Gamari's earlier comments about mesa versioning, so I downgraded to 9.1.4, and I still experience the same behavior.