Comment 69 for bug 1111884

(In reply to comment #37)
> I've been following this ticket and attempting to poke around a bit. I just
> tested my hardware with various points in the 3.6, 3.7, and 3.7-rc kernels,
> and all of those still gave me a non-responsive screen with messages like
> the following after resume. e.g., on Linux 3.6:

Do you have any reason to believe that you have the same problem? This one was bisected to commit 4f6029da58ba9204c98e33f4f3737fe085c87a6f which appeared in v3.8 (which means that 3.7.x should all be fine).

Of course you have the additional problem of having a nva8 (this bug has nv98 hw users, although that doesn't exclude you from having the same issue -- the bisected commit was fairly generic), which is still unstable for some users, but was even more unstable in earlier kernels. As for not seeing a PAGE_NOT_PRESENT -- are you sure that the kernels in question had code to emit the error in the first place?