Comment 1 for bug 851899

Lukáš Machyán (phobulos) wrote :

Thanks for your translation and the bug report. I'm using font without Russian characters in the game by default. That's the source of this bug.

The game is distributed with two fonts freesansbold.ttf and texgyreadventor-bold.otf. I used the second one by default but I didn't check what characters it contains. It's possible to fix the bug now by changing key "font_name" to value freesansbold.ttf in section "options" in config file (placed in "/home/<User_name>/.phobulos/noctua-vagus/config.cfg" on Linux or "C:\Documents and Settings\<User_name>\Application Data\.phobulos\noctua-vagus\config.cfg" on Windows XP). Some text strings won't be maybe visible in whole length after this quick fix but I will solve this.

There is no exact date when the next version of the game will be released but I will fix this bug in that version - manual editing of config file won't be needed after that.