Comment 1 for bug 1862565

Yang Youseok (ileixe) wrote :

Another interface mismatch.

When placement API in neutron was trying to associate host in the created aggregate, it serialized a payload with uuid list.

But from placement API 1.19 aggregate association API expect object type. (placement/schemas/ PUT_AGGREGATES_SCHEMA_V1_19)

The result is that host could not registered to host aggregate emitting below exception.

2020-02-10 14:36:54.252 28845 DEBUG placement.wsgi_wrapper [req-bf6e64f6-63bf-43c6-b6d8-8856817c1920 3bd0c1cbe8f140cf982e1ffc22ef9842 3f7b5c5c19a84d10984d49ab1226569f - default default] Placement API returning an error response: JSON does not validate: ['e65a8fe8-562a-400d-8711-369ed6ffc7af'] is not of type 'object'

Failed validating 'type' in schema:
    {'additionalProperties': False,
     'properties': {'aggregates': {'items': {'format': 'uuid',
                                             'type': 'string'},
                                   'type': 'array',
                                   'uniqueItems': True},
                    'resource_provider_generation': {'type': 'integer'}},
     'required': ['aggregates', 'resource_provider_generation'],
     'type': 'object'}

On instance:
    ['e65a8fe8-562a-400d-8711-369ed6ffc7af'] call_func /opt/openstack/src/placement/placement/