Comment 8 for bug 1812168

Submitter: Zuul
Branch: stable/train

commit 5c5e17bd7d57be715ad5cd37089ad3a4cb4a81c6
Author: Salvatore Orlando <email address hidden>
Date: Mon Oct 28 09:06:33 2019 +0000

    Remove Floating IP DNS record upon associated port deletion

    Port deletion triggers disassociate_floatingips. This patch ensures
    that method not only clears the port association for a Floating IP,
    but also removes any DNS record associated with it.

    Change-Id: Ia6202610c09811f240af35e2523126447bf02ca5
    Closes-Bug: #1812168
    (cherry picked from commit 4379310846078c45df140071688f740cd900c1d6)