Comment 14 for bug 1731595

Submitter: Zuul
Branch: master

commit 9ed693228f90251c0f03fb842ef19628b439f9bc
Author: venkata anil <email address hidden>
Date: Thu Nov 23 18:40:30 2017 +0000

    Call update_all_ha_network_port_statuses on agent start

    As explained in bug [1] when l3 agent fails to report state to the
    server, its state is set to AGENT_REVIVED, triggering
    fetch_and_sync_all_routers, which will set all its HA network ports
    to DOWN, resulting in
    1) ovs agent rewiring these ports and setting status to ACTIVE
    2) when these ports are active, server sends router update to l3 agent
    As server, ovs and l3 agents are busy with this processing, l3 agent
    may fail again reporting state, repeating this process.

    As l3 agent is repeatedly processing same routers, SIGHUPs are
    frequently sent to keepalived, resulting in multiple masters.

    To fix this, we call update_all_ha_network_port_statuses in l3 agent
    start instead of calling from fetch_and_sync_all_routers.


    Change-Id: Ia9d5549f7d53b538c9c9f93fe6aa71ffff15524a
    Related-bug: #1597461
    Closes-Bug: #1731595