Comment 28 for bug 1577488

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit 3162846a7b42d860533df6dc32d9c553669df45b
Author: Swaminathan Vasudevan <email address hidden>
Date: Mon Feb 22 15:20:46 2016 -0800

    DVR: Create router to fip namespace connection based on gateway state

    In order to route traffic between the internal subnets and the
    external subnet that belong to the same address_scopes we need
    to create the gateway port and the fip namespace irrespective of
    the configured floatingips for the internal subnet.

    This will consume an additional IP from the external subnet on
    all nodes, but with the introduction of service_type networks,
    this will not be an issue any more.

    This patch is the first in series that creates the agent gateway
    port and the fip namespace on every node when the gateway is set
    for the router. For every router created it will connect the
    router namespace to the fip namespace.

    Partial-Bug: #1577488
    DocImpact: Document the change in behavior for fip-agent-gw create
    Change-Id: I30c4f7fc250e486fe9a71b68540e783e90a6cf15