Comment 1 for bug 1526855

Carl Baldwin (carl-baldwin) wrote :

I'm trying to assess the importance of this bug.

Could you provide some more information about how the 4000 vms were created? All at once? As quickly as possible? If you take more time to create 4000 instances, do you expect that all 4000 would succeed?

Also, to determine whether this gets worse with load let me ask this question. If I booted 400 vms in the same way on the same infrastructure, would I expect 1-2 vms to fail in in the same way or would you expect them all to succeed? If I booted 8000 would I expect 30-40 failures or you think it will blow up to a higher percentage of failures?

Are Neutron routers in use? Are they DVR or non-DVR?

Is there any indication why the request fails? Do the failed requests not reach the metadata server or is the metadata server too busy to handle the request? Any more information about the failure mode for a request could help.