Comment 1 for bug 1518819

Carl Baldwin (carl-baldwin) wrote :

I don't think I have any links to share about this but there was a lot of discussion on this in the blueprint spec and possibly the ML. The discussion was centered around how does one specify such a gateway? You don't know the network address of the subnet so you can't specify the gateway address.

In some versions of the spec, I had proposed that the gateway address and allocation pools could be specified by using 0 as the network address. For example, you'd specify if you wanted to use the third address in the resulting. So, if the subnet ended up being then your gateway would end up being There were objections to using the gateway field for this because it would be somewhat non-RESTful to return a different gateway than the one in the request. I then proposed using a new input-only field called gateway_template or something.

In the end, a few people argued that if you don't care what the subnet is then why would you care what gateway address or allocation pool you get in the subnet? We settled on not allowing you to specify the gateway address in this use case.