Comment 23 for bug 1513678

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: stable/liberty

commit 0bd401c8638f22977977ffc2ce267063eb83b195
Author: Oleg Bondarev <email address hidden>
Date: Wed Dec 2 14:52:30 2015 +0300

    DVR: optimize check_ports_exist_on_l3_agent()

    Currently the function gets all ports on the subnet and iterates
    through them to find dvr serviceable ports on a particular host.
    This patch makes it a single DB query to see if any port exists
    matching criterias.

    Partial-Bug: #1513678



    Change-Id: Ie17885497aacb8fda4a2c4a05f19d08991038557
    Co-Authored-By: Oleg Bondarev <email address hidden>
    (cherry picked from commit 226c999de3e342bf7ce667e21f4ab685b7fd5622)