Comment 13 for bug 1513144

Motoki, I believe your understanding is in line with my feature proposal. I'm not specifically and exclusively targeting a l2-agent use case but it was rather an example of a failure that may happen. It is my intention with this RFE to focus on Neutron agents in general, as I wrote in the original description ("allowing admins to set (true/false) the aliveness state of Neutron agents").

From an operator perspective, the 'alive' field reports the state of each neutron agent. Such state is expected to cover data and control plane states, e.g. control actions on a broken data plane will eventually fail or worse may result in an inconsistent state of the cloud system. Operators are in production deployments externally monitoring data plane of multiple neutron agents, and being able to help Neutron detecting faults by changing agents' alive state would be ideal.