Comment 12 for bug 1445089

Brad Behle (behle) wrote :

I have been unable to find a way to fix this problem, other than simply not enabling arp proxy by hacking the code as mentioned above. And doing that defeats the purpose of having L2Population since the ARP requests then get sent out anyway.

It seems to me that there isn't a good way to fix this bug. It is more of a design gap when L2Population and allowed address pairs are used together.
    a) L2Population requires that all IP addresses are put in the arp tables of the compute nodes, since the vxlan devices on the compute nodes do not forward arp requests
    b) Allowed address pairs enables an IP address that can dynamically move between VMs without Neutron being notified. This means Neutron can not add the required arp table entries for this movable IP.

Both these functions work on their own, but don't work when both used together. The best possible solution I've heard is what Mathieu suggested above: "A long term alternative would be to have a fallback mode in the vxlan module so that vxlan interfaces with proxy mode set can fallback to classical ARP learning when no entry exists in the neighbor table."

Does anyone else have suggestions for possible solutions to this?