Comment 87 for bug 1274034

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: stable/juno

commit 1b73fbd70522a751f92120e776471c4deb159d0c
Author: Chet Burgess <email address hidden>
Date: Tue Aug 4 13:10:04 2015 -0700

    Add ARP spoofing protection for LinuxBridge agent

    This is a backport for the fix that went into master to address
    this bug.

    This patch adds ARP spoofing protection for the Linux Bridge
    agent based on ebtables.

    The protection is enabled and disabled with the same
    'prevent_arp_spoofing' agent config flag added for the OVS agent
    in I7c079b779245a0af6bc793564fa8a560e4226afe.

    The protection works by setting up an ebtables chain for each port
    and jumping all ARP traffic to that chain. The port-specific chains
    have a default DROP policy and then have allow rules installed that
    only allow ARP traffic with a source CIDR that matches one of the
    port's fixed IPs or an allowed address pair.

    Change-Id: I0b0e3b1272472385dff060897ecbd25e93fd78e7
    Closes-Bug: #1274034