Comment 80 for bug 1274034

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit b62b92da9b9dbba953573bc212279c719e08f3ef
Author: Cedric Brandily <email address hidden>
Date: Tue Sep 8 15:23:49 2015 +0000

    Remove ebtables_driver/manager dead code

    Previous changes[1] have been merged as enablers[2] to fix the bug
    1274034 but an alternative solution has been choosen and now we can
    consider the introduced code as dead code.

    This changes removes [2], associated tests and rootwrap filters.

    [1] I9ef57a86b1a1c1fa4ba1a034c920f23cb40072c0
    [2] neutron.agent.linux.ebtables_driver

    Closes-Bug: #1493422
    Related-Bug: #1274034
    Change-Id: I61e38fc0d8cf8e79252aabc19a70240be57e4a32