Comment 1 for bug 1814625

Submitter: Zuul
Branch: master

commit 703097b39b478e268062e40625dcfecac45c3142
Author: YAMAMOTO Takashi <email address hidden>
Date: Tue Jan 16 14:54:42 2018 +0900

    Remove tempest plugin

    These test cases has been moved to neutron-tempest-plugin repository.

    This commit also includes the following unrelated change
    to pass the gate.
    Remove FWaaS v1 support

    As it has been removed in neutron-fwaas. [1]

    Also, remove logging_resource as it's only useful with FWaaS v1.

    [1] I4e440c854e5aa11193d38946e659481f4fefded2

    Partial-Bug: #1814625
    Change-Id: I977d46722fc61e3ca160a08dc77754393111e887

    Closes-Bug: #1743497
    Depends-On: I04fe57630d902f9aae3bb3405619d89c837a8564
    Change-Id: I77fadee48396f7590749aee142d494b5a6fe4554