Comment 0 for bug 1737017

Pierre Riteau (priteau) wrote :

Like some other drivers, the Dell Force10 driver (DellNos) attempts to set a name while creating a VLAN. It uses the Neutron network ID as the name.

However, Dell Force10 switches enforce that a VLAN name should start with an alphabetic character. Since the Neutron network ID is a UUID, the first character has a 62.5% probability to start with [0-9]. This means that the following shows up regularly in Neutron DEBUG logs:

    Force10-switch(conf-if-vl-3293)#name 555b9c5daccb4e87997fb2b5524cf95e
    % Error: Vlan name should begin with an alphabetic character.

According to the documentation, VLAN names are up to 32 characters, so we cannot even add a prefix such as "neutron-".

Note that this is not a major issue as the failure to set a name is not treated as an error by network-generic-switch.