Comment 104 for bug 95853

After 103 comments, I don't know why I am compelled to jump in. OCD, I guess.

In pseuocode:

  IF NOT Options.Behavior.ComfirmMoveToTrash.Checked OR Confirm("OK to move <filename> to trash?") THEN

This is bloat? Seriously?

I detest Windows. I'm convinced that Microsoft is the company Dilbert works for. I tell all my friends how wonderful Linux is, and what an easy path to Linux Ubuntu is. But then I have to add: "It's still a little geeky around the edges. For instance, if you accidentally hit delete, it will move files and even whole folders to the trash without asking--but don't worry you can get them back. But the trash can isn't where you expect it to be. It's down here..."

True, one of the things I love about Linux is that it runs fast on cheap hardware and I suppose bazillions of confirmations could add up to bloat, eventually, but you'd have to work hard to overtake Moore's law. I fact, I think you'd have to make it a priority.

Maybe an even cheaper fix would be to put the trash bin on the desktop by default. That's where refugees from Windows expect to see it. Since Ubuntu is positioning itself as the gateway to Linux, the option could be set by Ubuntu's installation. This behavior is alarming only because the Delete key says "Delete," not "Move" and because a new user might not notice the trash bin hiding out on the bottom panel, but if the trash bin was highly visible, that should solve it.