GUI does not launch if a parent folder contains a space

Bug #1140872 reported by Timo Palomaa on 2013-03-02
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Bug Description

For example, when I select above files in Nautilus:

~/untitled folder/1.jpg
~/untitled folder/2.jpg

Result: neither F2 or right-click menu ("Rename") opens the GUI: simply nothing happens.

When I select files below in Nautilus, the GUI opens and everything works correctly:


- It does not matter if the selected files or folders contain spaces or not, only if a parent folder (any of them) has a space in the name
- It's possible that other special characters also cause this, but I have not found any yet by random testing
- nautilus-renamer_4.0-quantal_all, reprod on a) Nautilus v3.4.2, Ubuntu 12.10 64bit b) Nautilus 3.6.3, Ubuntu 13.04 64bit

Timo Palomaa (timppis) on 2013-03-02
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Thura (trh) on 2013-03-21
Changed in nautilus-renamer:
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assignee: nobody → Thura (trh)
Timo Palomaa (timppis) on 2013-05-23
description: updated
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Thura (trh) wrote :

I have tested this behavior under GNOME nautilus 3.8.1. This problems seems to be with the invalid URI's passed by nautilus to its bulk-rename-tool, registered in '/org/gnome/nautilus/preferences/bulk-rename-tool'.

For example, for the selected files "/home/thura/Development/nautilus-renamer/untitled/untitled 2/testfile*", nautilus passed the following uris as arguments.


So, this is a nautilus bug. Please, report in nautilus instead.

Luke (tiliqua-au) wrote :

As the nautilus bug is still open and has had no attention, here is a workaround:

Install the Nautilus-Actions Configuration Tool, create a new action and in the Command tab set the path to /usr/share/nautilus-renamer/ and the parameters to %U (a space separated list of the file/folder URIs which correctly encodes spaces as "%20" instead of "0")

Luke (tiliqua-au) wrote :

Re. comment #3 I only tested on paths with spaces in filename. It fails on folders with spaces. To fix, I changed:

--- /usr/share/nautilus-renamer/ 2014-08-03 08:26:12.975538999 +1000
+++ bin/ 2014-08-29 05:53:28.177893435 +1000
@@ -1061,9 +1061,10 @@
 if __name__ == '__main__':
     files = []
     # get current directory
- common_prefix = os.path.commonprefix (sys.argv[1:])[len("file://"):]
+ common_prefix = os.path.commonprefix (sys.argv[1:])#[len("file://"):]
     cwd_pos = common_prefix.rfind ('/')
     cwd = common_prefix [:cwd_pos]
+ cwd = Gio.File.new_for_uri(cwd).get_path()

     if not cwd:
         raise RuntimeError ("Unable to determine current working directory.")

Thura (trh) wrote :

Hi Luke,

It is still not working on my box. What's your current nautilus version?

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