Comment 8 for bug 584701

El Sábado 07 Mayo 2011, escribió:
> The difference is that recordings are created by mythtv, one would
> expect it to be able to delete the recordings. Video files are placed
> there by something else. If the delete option in the menu in mythvideo
> didn't exist, would you even expect to be able to delete videos?

But the thing is that it does exist. And I expect to be allowed to use it
properly without any "obscure" tweaking. After all that is the purpose of a
distro like Mythbuntu: easying the use of a complex system like MythTV.
Mythbuntu is not a nuclear-plant-aimed distro but a PVR one. Of course
security is a must but IMHO it should not get in the user's way.

I would agree with you if the Videos folder were user-created but it is a
default in Mythbuntu, and specifically created by the Mythbuntu team to hold
videos to be watched within MythTV! So I don't think to be far from most of
the other users when I expect the system to behave consistently out-of-the-

> I see two possible resolutions. One could create a utility to adjust the
> permissions when moving the file to the proper directory. As others have
> pointed out though, a cron job works and seems to be of an out of the
> way solution. I'd accept a way of doing it via cron job, but it's not
> something that i'd put in by default. The script that runs via cron
> would need to
> A) Be activatable via MCC
> B) Check mythvideo storage groups
> C) Set permissions to 644

I set a cron job as a walkaround but for sure it is not the optimal solution.
What about just asking the user (via a MCC option) whether permanently setting
permissions to 664 or not? Of course, warning about potential security issues
(which I don't think shall be too frightening anyway ;-) ).