Comment 2 for bug 1693845

Submitter: Denis V. Meltsaykin <email address hidden>
Branch: openstack-ci/fuel-7.0/2015.1.0

Commit: 0bd9fee74d72f93c9a04151a6531a54d4f0f3d73
Author: Rakesh H S <email address hidden>
Date: Thu Nov 30 07:42:40 2017

Fix stack-list after failed update

When a update is being performed, the existing template is updated
incrementally as resources change. Now if update fails, template will
have mix of resources from existing and new template. Hence we need to
ensure we have the user params of both.

Change-Id: I9e6831c58b167809e3faed519d2fb4f7c61244fc
Closes-Bug: #1693845