Comment 15 for bug 1473504

I already have GDB installed and was running it with 1.12 beta (see #5), but did not get any crash whatsoever.
The next opportunity to try 1.12 is tomorrow or next week. I've got a gig this evening and can't afford any software-based shenanigans whatsoever.

That command only starts GDB. You still have to issue a "run" command to start Mixxx.

A crash reporter would be a good idea. Or a watchdog process in the background that is started with Mixxx and stopped with the very last command at shutdown and that tracks any irregularities.

The file modify time is a useless feature in Thunar as it only discriminates between days and not hours or minutes. And I never can remember too many console commands to grep (or so) for a file change date.

Caching only parts?
Is that a feature to support excessively huge files (.flac)? Did this ever give trouble with USB autosuspend?
Is track caching constantly improved upon or was this carried over largely unchanged from 1.11?

I did not run 1.12 with the -devel flag, but I also did not track memory consumption either.
The T61 has 2 GB RAM and a dedicated GPU (NVidia Quadro somethingsomething with the legacy 340.x driver).
Arch uses the x86 build on the laptop. What's the limit at which a process will be suspended by the kernel due to excessive memory demands?