Comment 5 for bug 1329202

I just wanted to give my 2 cents...

... and i must say i am confused.

the way i understand the description of the bug is, that streaming works fine but only when sending metadata there is a problem with sending metadata, am i correct?

What i am thinking is:
It may very well be that the problem is because of not escaping the mountpoint in this URL, but the actual URL is constructed, (and requested via HTTP) by libShout and not by Mixxx itself. Also i do think that the icecastserver would expect the mount unescaped for the initial connect. (I would try, but i am not even sure how to configure a mountpoint with queryparameters as a name, i have never seen something like this in an sample config. As a sidenote: i only know mountpoints prefixed with "/")

As there is just one variable in the stucture for the mount there is even no possiblity for mixx to handle it differently.

I am of the impression thats more a bug in libshout than mixxx but i am just guessing here, no tested facts from my side this time.