Comment 21 for bug 1329202

Just did some testing again with mixx 1.11:

Configured mount Mount on server Metadata OK
--------------------------- ----------------------- ----------------
test.ogg /test.ogg yes
/test.ogg /test.ogg yes
/test/2.ogg /test/2.ogg yes
/test%2F2.ogg /test/2.ogg yes, (for me very unexpected)
%2Ftest.ogg can't connect no
/test.ogg?x=abc /test.ogg no
/test.ogg%3Fx%3Dabc /test.ogg?x=abc no
%2Ftest.ogg%3Fx%3Dabc can't connect no
/test.ogg%3Fx%3Dabc%26y%3D8 /test.ogg?x=abc&y=8 no

I'm confused that it doesn't matter weather the / is encoded or not, but everything else seems fitting to my thinking